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Popular Ghanaian Youtuber Wode Maya is amazed by the Wonderful Achievements of RPL's C.E.O

Popular Ghanaian Youtube Sensation Wode Maya sheds light on the wonderful Achievements of the C.E.O of Rehoboth Properties Limited, who's managed to develop Several Gated communities in Accra-Ghana without having a University Degree and is currently building Africa's First Affordable Luxury Housing in Accra-Ghana.

According to Wode Maya Mr. Gideon Akrofi's Story is very inspiring and wish that many Ghanaians both in Ghana and in the diaspora would be inspired by his story and note that you do not need a University Degree in order to be Successful.

According to the C.E.O of Rehoboth Properties Ltd, you do not need a degree before your destiny can come into fulfillment , but all you need is God to be at the centre of everything you do in order to thrive. He went further to add that it is not just about hard work and dedication, but the God factor in whatever you do is what makes all the difference.

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