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Titled Lands for Sale - Ayimensah

Beyond Affordable, the Ultimate Solution to building your own home/paradise

The End to Land Litigation is finally here. Are you not tired of buying the same land land four to five times? Are you not tired of battling in court for years over a land you have paid for ? Are you not tired in trusting friends and family to purchase land for you from abroad? Are you not tired of land guards visiting your land and threatening your life? . 

Well, the wait is finally over. Buy a secured and Titled  land at Oyarifa from Rehoboth Social Housing Ltd and have your peace of mind.

Prices of Land  and Layout


Half Plot. ( 70 X 40 )



One Plot ( 70 x 80 )


Long Term Payment plans also available on purchase. Outright payments will also receive great discounts.

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